Your Future Starts Here

Siloam Hospitals is a best practice healthcare leader, and employee competence at all levels is paramount to achieving our vision, mission, and expansion targets. We are expanding rapidly, not only in terms of opening new hospitals, but through new treatment options and constant introduction of state-of-the-art, advance technology.

Quality talents are the backbone of services. Siloam Hospitals recognizes talents as one of the forces that determine the quality of its services – skilled, dedicated staff members who share the vision of Siloam Hospitals.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Siloam Hospitals is a subsidiary of Lippo Group in the healthcare industry, which means that our people have the opportunity to be exposed to different industries in their roles. The result is faster, more efficient business growth as we have the access to leverage other business units to create a synergy.

Our partnership with different business units under Lippo Group such as UPH, MRIN, PT Lippo Karawaci, Tbk. and many more gives a glance of how powerful this synergy can be. Through our teaming up with other business units, we are able to build, staff, and manage efficiently. This keeps us ahead from our competitors in answering operational as well as business challenges.