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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Siloam Hospitals, the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices is much more than a mere obligation to adhere to prevailing laws and regulations.  As a healthcare service provider, we are morally committed to aid and support others, not only through our medical services, but also through our CSR programs involving our large family of stakeholders, including employees, communities, patients along with their families and guests, suppliers and the environment. Each Siloam hospital has its own individual CSR scheme, dovetail with a larger Siloamwide scheme, all designed to partner the welfare of society with the business environment.

Siloam Hospitals is committed to preserving the environment based either on the environmental document called AMDAL (Environmental Impacts Analysis) or UKL-IPL (Environmental Management and Monitoring). We apply these standards in every area that we consider vulnerable to negative environmental impacts and minimize them if there is any. In 2017, no environmental cases that might have been caused by our operations were reported.
With the help from a consultant and an accredited environmental lab KAN, we always monitor and evaluate how our solid, liquid and effluent waste is being handled and report whatever we find to the management and relevant authorities.
Our monitoring results in 2017 suggest that the quality of our wastewater at Siloam’s wastewater treatment facility meets the quality standard and no cases of contaminated water were reported by the nearby communities.
For the management of hazardous and toxic waste (B3), we have assigned waste transporters and processors who have earned the required licenses from the Ministry of Environmental affairs (KLH).
We routinely control and monitor the use of our water with a purpose of preserving water resource and promoting efficiency. This way we can prevent excessive water use that may otherwise cause damages to the environment.
We are committed to reducing Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) emissions, such as refrigerant substances that contain CFCs and the use of halon for our light fire extinguishers. To reduce the emissions of CFCs, we are now using more eco-friendly, R32, R410 and R407 typed freon for most of our air conditioners and used a clean agent for all of our light fire extinguishers.

Health care services are intertwined with the welfare of people, whether patients, hospital staff, visitors or the surrounding community. On-going CSR activities conducted to provide free medical services for the community including cleft lip surgeries, cataract surgeries and also circumcisions. In 2017, the Company has done 3 cleft lip surgery events that treated 103 patients, 1 cataract surgery event that treated 20 patients and mass circumcisions event that treated 25 patients. Additionally, a total of 40 events was held to provide free consultation and treatment to the community surrounding the Company’s hospital with more than 3,000 participants. The Company also organized 11 blood donation events with 767 participants.
On top of that, the Company in partnership with Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua to operates 2 clinics in remote areas of Papua. The first clinic in Mamit (Kembu Regency, Tolikara District) has been operational since 2014, while the second clinic in Daboto (Intan Jaya Regency) has been operational since August 2016. Around 1.5 million people live in Papua’s mountainous areas with many places untouched by national development and most them have no access to education or modern healthcare. The opening of these clinics has provided access to modern and quality healthcare that previously was not available. With the support of 11 nurses and 1 doctor, the clinics receive roughly 10-40 patients daily, including 1-10 inward and referral patients. Skin infections, influenza, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition, pneumonia and tuberculosis, muscle problem and trauma cases are some of the commonly handled conditions in these clinics. As there are more untouched places in Papua, the Company is committed to open more clinics in different Regencies of Papua. There are 3 more clinics are scheduled to open in 2018, and these are located in Nalca, Korupun (Yahukimo Regency) and Danowage (Boven Digoel Regency).
Being a healthcare service provider, we are also morally obligated to educate the community and also doctors on healthcare related issues. We have conducted 333 public seminars in 2017, where attendants can learn how to live healthy and gain knowledge on specific diseases. Aside from that, 92 seminars for doctors were conducted where doctors were able to discuss the latest healthcare developments.