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Ambulance & Special Transport

Siloam Hospitals offer both air and land ambulance services for patients. Land ambulance service can be found at all hospitals. For air ambulance service, it is currently only provided at some hospitals, including Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, Siloam Hospitals MRCCC, and Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang.

We have strong commitment to deliver treatments at the earliest time possible. As soon as we receive your call, our Siloam Ambulance Service will immediately go to your location with a team of highly trained doctors, nurses, medics, and ambulance drivers. Our people will give the best possible medication while you are on the ambulance heading to the hospital.

Ambulance call: 1500911

Our Ambulance Services include:

Emergency Transportation

  • Local ambulance calls

  • Medical evacuation from seaport or airport

Inter-Hospital Transportation

  • Hospital-to-hospital transfers

Doctor Appointment/ Outpatient Service

  • Scheduled doctor/clinic visit

  • Scheduled therapy (e.g. dialysis, chemotherapy, rehabilitation)

Hospital Admission and Discharge

  • Home-to-hospital transportation for admissions

  • Hospital-to-home transportation for discharges

Admission Information
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Our Admission Information provides you with details on admission time, where to go, what to bring, and visitor guidelines.

Accommodations Nearby
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From patients to families, we care for you

Dining Options
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Our Dining Options offer a list of restaurants and café at Siloam Hospitals that you can enjoy during your visit.


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Our free wireless internet is available in all Siloam Hospitals.