My Checkup

My Checkup

Medical checkup is vital for early prevention and detection of diseases. Dynamic lifestyle, stress, or medical history can have long-term impacts to your health. As some medical conditions are not obvious to the untrained eye, you may need the help of our specialists to detect any underlying health issues you may have.

Our healthcare professionals are here to help you screen and diagnose. We provide you a wide range of medical checkup packages tailored to your health needs.

Should there be any health problems identified after the health screening, our experienced medical professionals will help you understand the condition of your health, advise you on the lifestyle changes needed and referral to a specialists should it deem necessary.

Please select the hospital you plan to visit for your screening below to find the most suitable package for you.

Preparation for Medical Check-Up

  • Patients are required to register at the Medical Check-Up department at least 1 day before Check-Up.

  • Patients are required to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment.

  • A day before the appointment, starting from 10.00 PM, patients must not consume any food or liquid (except water) until Check-Up is conducted. Patients may consume breakfast after their blood sample is taken.

  • For feces screening:

    • During registration, the container will be given to patients

    • Feces sample must be taken at home, and Patients are required to bring the sample on the Check-Up day.