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Sleep Apnea May Cause Chronic Illnessess


Sleep Apnea May Cause Chronic Illnessess

Sleep Apnea May Cause Chronic Illnessess - Rumah Sakit Siloam Hospitals

Sleep Apnea May Cause Chronic Illnessess

Rumah Sakit

Tue, 07 Jun 2016

Sleep apnea almost never results in nocturnal death. However, it may cause chronic illnesses in the future.

  • Heart Failure and Coronary Heart Disease

Patients with sleep apnea have 2.6 times higher risk to suffer from heart disease compared to those who do not have this condition. When breathing stops, oxygen inflow and carbon dioxide outflow are disrupted. As the result, the heart and blood vessels work excessively in order to bring oxygen supply to the body (arousal phase). In the long term, this may lead to hypertension, heart swelling (heart failure), or coronary heart disease.

  • Stroke

Sleep apnea forces the body’s organs to work harder during sleep. In arousal phase, the sympathetic nervous system (stress) is stimulated and continually jolted. Not only this stimulate the heart, the nervous system also triggers the blood vessels to work more – rendering it rigid and inelastic due to inflammation and built-up stress. Eventually, this may lead to constriction of the blood vessels, which causes stroke.

  • Diabetes

Other than hereditary factor, diabetes may also be caused by sleep apnea. Arousal phase in sleep apnea causes fatigue because the body fails to recover during sleep. This hinders the body’s ability to process insulin. Fatigue makes the body feels that it lacks sugar and insulin is unable to convert glucose to glycogen. As the result, the sugar level in a patient’s body will increase, which may lead to diabetes.


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